Insights Connect Data Store - Select Source Type Icons = 404


Hope you are doing well.

As per the Title, my Frappe Insights installation is not displaying the Icons on the Connect Data Store, Select Source Type option.

The MariaDB, PostgreSQL and CSV icons don’t show, and copying the Image Link and pasting it in a Window, I receive a 404 error on the Icons location,

Steps I have done to resolve it (without success).
Reinstalled Insights,
Did a Bench update --reset
Chown the frappe user directory, including the frappe-bench directory.

As a secondary question, The Insights installation About shows “develop”.
How do I change Insights to Production? My ERPNext install is Production, but when running the same Production command on the Insights install, it breaks the Frappe system, which requires an Update --reset to resolve.

Thank you for any assistance,
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Just a bump, hoping for a solution.

Looks like a bug. Will be fixing it soon in the stable branch.