Insights Notebook - Beta Testing

Hello, ERPNext community,

I have an exciting update to share! After dedicated efforts, I’m here to introduce a new Notebook feature in Frappe Insights.

For those of you who are new to Frappe Insights, it’s an open-source BI tool that helps you analyze and visualize your data. And now, with the notebook feature, I’ve attempted to make it even easier to build complex queries and explore your data in a step-by-step manner.

Think of the notebook as your scratchpad while writing queries. It provides a simple and intuitive interface, similar to Notion, allowing you to create and combine multiple intermediate queries to form a final one. It’s designed to make the process of creating and documenting complex queries easier and more efficient.

I encourage you to give the notebook feature a try. Your feedback is valuable in shaping its development and ensuring it meets your needs.

Here’s a demo instance :link: for you to explore

I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback and bug reports :sweat_smile:

Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @frappeinsights
Github: GitHub - frappe/insights: Free and Open Source Data Analytics Tool for your Frappe Apps
PR: Insights notebook by nextchamp-saqib · Pull Request #121 · frappe/insights · GitHub



Thank you for sharing this exciting update with the ERPNext community! The introduction of the new Notebook feature in Frappe Insights sounds like a fantastic addition to the open-source BI tool.

I’m sure the community members will appreciate the opportunity to explore the demo instance you’ve provided. It will allow them to experience the functionality of the Notebook feature firsthand and provide valuable feedback and bug reports, as you’ve requested.


Can insights replicate the existing erpnext accounting “script” reports eg: profit and loss report and profitability analysis? Asking because existing erpnext reports have some gaps (eg. not supporting accounting dimensions in profitability analysis report) and we would transition to insights if we could replicate the functionality.


It can’t right now. But I have plans to add “script” blocks to enable making such reports. That said, in most cases, I have found that a full-fledged copy of any erpnext report isn’t needed, just a part of the report is necessary