Insights objects can be created, used, selected in list views, but not deleted

I’m trying to clean up outdated objects in Insights (unsuccessful and successful data sources, queries, etc.).

There seems to be no function for this. The objects in the list views can be selected, but there is no action to delete (or apply any other action to) them.

Deletion can still be done in the Desk, searching the relevant objects via awesomebar (like “Insights Data Source”) and then trying to delete them, but it quickly become tedious because there are dependencies stopping the delete attempts. There apparently is an order of deletion which must be observed, and this leads to the necessity of certain manual status changes for many individual objects before leaf elements of the dependency tree can be deleted, etc.
In other words, the deletion of Insights Data Sources via UI is rather tedious.

If there were a “Truncate Insights Data” function somewhere, that would be a nice start to make the job easier, so one could start over after an initial exploration and training phase with test and fake objects.
Some hints in the FAQ or docs might also be enough for a start.

Individual deletion of selected objects will of course be welcome, too.
That’s what anyone will need once one is hooked and already somewhat fluent in setting up queries.

Anyway, it’s a great and fun to use tool already.

The deletion process must be streamlined for invalid data sources and associated tables/queries. I’ll add this to the backlog.
Thanks for the input. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!