Inspection Criteria


I’m using the quality inspection mannualy. I can’t use it with the normal workflow in the system because I have to do it in the middle of the process.

I have to receive a purchase, put it in the quaratine stock, then check the quality (and doing quality inspection in that moment), and just after it, release the purchase to main stock.

There is a way to customise it, or analise my suggestion to put another item in that list, as “Inspection Required after Reception”:



I guess you want to enforce that inspection as you move it from the Quarantine Stock to the main stock.

The easiest way, perhaps, to work around this would be to create a Quarantine Warehouse and drop your receipts there and have a Standard Operating Procedure that says that anything that moves out of the Quarantine Warehouse through a Stock Entry Purpose: Material Transfer needs to have an Inspection Report. You can do a simple report off Report Builder to monitor this and counsel your people when they don’t adhere to SOPs.

If you want to enforce this, it must be relatively easy to write a bit of custom script that ensures that Inspection Required box is checked for Stock Entry Purpose Material Transfer, Source Warehouse: Quarantine and Target Warehouse: Main Store.

Hope this helps.