Install a custom erpnext app from my GitHub

Welcome to this great community.
I really hope someone here can help me.
What I’m trying to do is I want to make a copy of ERPnext v13 and setup it in my github account so that I can install from my own copy? …

  • This is where I can keep the customizations and modifications I’ve made…and use them over and over in my projects…

I pulled the erpnext app to my GitHub repository, then installed the app to the bench using the following command:

bench get-app

I have tried it many times,
everything is right,
However, I am getting an error when installing the application in the site!!

I don’t know what the problem is!!,
And I don’t know if what I’m trying to do is workable??!..
can you help me/>~…

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kindly submit a traceback for the error?

This is the error that shows me…


bench --site test5 uninstall-app erpnext --force

then reinstall.

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