Install and setup ERPNext with developement mode onto a remote server

Hello there,

I’m trying to install ERPNext with development mode on a remote server, but I’m unable to find any tutorial either on the officials and non-official websites.

I successfully installed ERPNext with development mode in my local machine, and production mode on remote server, but the problem is that I have to develop with my team, so the better way to do that is to install an instance with develoment mode directly on the server.

I tried to follow the official tutorial for development mode (frappe_docker/development at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub), but there is no instructions to host it on a remote server and configure it to allow my domain name point on it.

I also tried to switch the production instance to developer one with this command :

bench --site mysite.localhost set-config developer_mode 1

But I had several permissions issues and strange “Keyerror”, so the ERP was actually unusable. Furthermore, the official tutorial advise that we MUST NOT set developer mode on a production instance (maybe for this kind of issues).

Did I miss any tutorial to set up an instance with developer mode on a remote server ? Or is it impossible ?

Thank you for you help !

Hello, I have the same problem, why nobody gives a suggestion? did you solve it?