Install-app problem

this is why not found app ‘estate_app’

does a file called currentsite.txt exists in the frappe-bench/sites directory? if it exists, delete it and try commands again

currentsite.txt sets a site as default and only serves that site.

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Are you sure the install-app command succeeded ?

It seems to me that bench failed to install the estate_app. Try removing and reinstalling your app and check the error log.

yes,this is success。

but the end and this isn’t display apps:face_with_monocle:

this is incorrect too !



The way I see is the installation process to the bench is indeed success.
But the installation process to the site seems to me not a successfull one. Usually there is an information about something like “Updating Doctype …” when I send the bench install-app command.

If I were you, I would reinstall my frappe and erpnext app to non develop branch. The develop branch has many unstable /untested/new feature . I suggest reinstalling frappe / erpnext using the “version-13” branch

Your case had never happened to me before, maybe others can elaborate.

think you, it’s wrong maybe my app workspace is develop, i test it with version-13 app,think you very much