Install Custom App

I have a problem in installation of custom app using docker
i followed this tutorial
and the app doen’t be installed … can anyone help me ?

@revant_one is the docker wizard here. However you need to describe what you did exactly and what errors you got. Otherwise nobody will be able to provide any help.

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I have no errors i made the 2 docker files and build them … there are any steps after this ? i followed the tutorial and make "docker-compose up -d " erpnext works well but my app doen’t be installed

What I did I log into the container and create the bench and all additional apps as on the bare OS with common bench tools.

In the frappe docker repo there are some hints how to do it (for development)

  • VS Code
  • at the very bottom with docker command

Things to note:

  • app name and repo name can have hypen (-), Module names should have underscore.
  • e.g. while installing nextcloud-integration use following command
RUN install_app nextcloud_integration main
  • all the apps installed in environment must be in apps.txt, apps.txt is generated only once and is part of volume, if you add more apps to environment later, it should also be added manually to apps.txt
  • Do not forget to pass variable INSTALL_APPS=erpnext,nextcloud_integration to install custom apps from container environment on to site.

refer this, erpnext docs were some time ago part of containerized continuous delivery pipeline. Continuous delivery and continuous deployment of Frappe/ERPNext with Docker and Kubernetes

This is a custom app with all patches and hacks running as CD pipeline, check .gitlab-ci.yml and docker related files.

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I don’t know what is the problem ?

Are you running docker on windows?

I’m using docker on windows to work on ERPNext and custom apps, but not using the same instructions. However if your apps directory is a mounted directory from windows, you’ll have issues if your repo and app name is not the same.

You see when the repo and app name is not the same, bench will rename the app directory in accordance with the app name. The problem is that os.rename will throw an exception because the filesystem is different. The WSL or Hyper-V VM that runs docker will have ext4 while your mounted directory from Windows will have NTFS. Hence an exception happens.

I fix this simply by renaming my repository name to be identical with the app name.