Install ERPnext 12

Hi all,

Is there any documentation to install erpnext version 12

Official ones are updated for Version 13, 14 and 15

But I will share what I did to setup a local bench here. Not sure if this would be helpful for production. If on Ubuntu 22.04 :-

  • Follow the guide in frappe documentation to setup the requirements for frappe
  • Install Python 3.6 following this guide
  • Make sure python 2 is installed
  • While inside the venv created for Python 3.6, create a bench for version-12

If everything goes correctly, the bench should setup without any issues. After the bench setup, get-app erpnext and test everything

Possible issues:

  • Missing libraries: If you encounter any missing python libraries issues, (mainly due to library names changing and stuff), activate the venv created inside the bench folder and install the required libraries)
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Thank you dear

v12 is EOL (end of life) and not supported anymore. Consider using v14 directly if you’re starting out right now.

no bro, am not new with ERPnext,
some time I need local development for version 12