Install ERPNext alongside with sentora control panel?


I have clinet srver that run on ubuntu 14.04 and use:

Nginx: To deal with external requests.
Appche: To deal with internal requests.
Sentora: To handle MySQL,Users,FTP Server, Mail Server,…ect.

My question can I install ERP NEXT alongside with sentora control panel ?

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Short answer : probably not. You need SSH root access at the leadt

@Julian_Robbins I Have Full control over the VPS. SSH , FTP , Shell …etc.

My Question is regarding will ERP Next will work or not alongside with Sentora since Sentora install and i quote :

Sentora installs the following packages on your server that are pre-configured to work exclusively with Sentora:
NONE of these (or similar) services may be installed on your server BEFORE installing Sentora, otherwise the install will FAIL.
Sentora DOES NOT use or work with Nginx! You are free to try it, but we do not support it!
Sentora - (Current Version)
MySql -5.5.29
Apache - 2.4.3
PHP -5.3.20
Bind - 9.9.2-P1
phpMyAdmin - *
RoundCube - 0.9.2 *
Dovecot - 2.0.9
Postfix - 2.6.6
proFTPd - 1.3.3g

And ERP Next Need Maria DB ?

ERPNext also uses Nginx so if this is installed it could cause problems with your Sentora. Depending on how you install ERPNext, ie if you use the script then it will also try to install Postfix .

I think you are likely to get some library incompatibilities

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