Install erpnext from master branch for development of custom app

I currently am developing a custom app but cannot seem to use the current version of the master branch of erpnext.

So when doing bench get-app erpnext custom-repo-url I’m using the most recent version of erpnext from my GitLab Installation. I have confirmed that this is the most recent version from the erpnext master branch.

But I can’t install erpnext in my development environment because at bench install-app erpnext it says:

frappe.exceptions.ValidationError: Please set Dropbox access keys in your site config

But when doing bench get-app erpnext it gets the current version of the develop branch and with that the installation is successful.

But why do I have to use the develop branch version to develop my custom app that ultimately will depend on the master branch aka the stable version of erpnext?

Once you do get-app to get the erpnext app, you can just change the branch of the app by doing git checkout master from within the apps/erpnext folder. If running git checkout master doesn’t work then run:

git fetch upstream master:master
git checkout master

Also I’m unsure why that error is popping up at install, that’s odd.

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Thanks @vjFaLk, I switched to github master branch instead of my forked master branch. But the error persists.

I did a clean install of everything in my vm. It’s working with develop branch I guess the error is somewhere in the master branch. Or maybe in frappe or bench I don’t know.

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