Install ERPNext in Step by step guide

install ERPNext in Step by step guide, What are the prerequisites for ERPNext. Is there any guideline or process which we need to follow.
Please provide help.

Here are the official instructions.

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The official instructions do not adequately answer your question. Below is some additional information.

There are 2 methods of installing ERPNext:

  1. If you install ERPNext using the easy_install method? Then the installation script tries to install all prerequisites for you.

  2. If you install ERPNext manually, you must install the Prerequisites manually also.

The following summarizes the overall Prerequisites for ERPNext.

  • A Linux operating system (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, others)
    • Some users have successfully installed on MacOS, but it’s not supported.
    • Make sure your Linux installation includes ‘git’, ‘curl’, and ‘wget’
  • Python 3.x
    • Make sure you also have pip3
    • Make sure you also can create Python virtual environments.
  • MariaDB (MySQL) database server (document your root username and password)
  • MySQL CLI (the client itself is called by Frappe code in a few places)
  • Nginx
  • NodeJS
    • You will also need ‘yarn’ for Node.
  • Redis server
  • A command line tool named “wkhtmltopdf” (not a typo, it’s a difficult name to spell)

If you’re going to do development or investigation, consider installing IDEs for working with Python and JS. Also consider using GUI tools for interacting with MariaDB, Redis, and REST APIs.


Slightly outdated (v12) manual install scripts (liberally commented) for ubuntu & debian


Hello Trent

Have you had any success in doing the same for v13?

I suspect there are many users waiting for a v13 VM. The official VM on which points to is still v12. It would be lovely if we could have a v13 VM. Depending on how much you’ve already done, and if at all needed, I can attempt helping to achieve this.

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I have better luck running from as a docker container. You can get it up and running in minutes.

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I will see what I can do on the weekend

Thanks!!! Just wanted to know one thing Does this work or install only on Linus or MacOS not on Windows.
It would be great if we can setup on Windows as well. but anyways I will try on Linux Ubuntu now.

So if any proper step by step guide for development environment setup please do suggest.

Hmm… “Proper” vs. “Working” step by step guide. Here are some guides that just plain work.

If you want a fully manual process (Ubuntu 20.04) -Try this:

If you want to make use of the official “” (Ubuntu 20.04) - Try this:

And if you want to use Debian 10 instead and do SSL Cert at same time - Try this:

There are many paths to a successful server. There are even more if you include the Hitchhikers Guide and the official github listing, but those tend to be a bit more complicated and easy to make mistakes.

Hope this helps… :sunglasses: