Install ERPNext on OwnCloud?

Im looking for a good ERP solution for my small company. I have decided to use OwnCloud7 for storing files etc. Is there a way to install ERPNext on OwnCloud?

Thanks for any advise.

I don’t have experience with owncloud, but we recommend using a dedicated VPS to run ERPNext.

If you want to run owncloud and ERPNext on the same machine, you can use docker.

Thanks for answer. But can you explain what is “docker” and how this works?

This link (from the front page) makes it quite clear:

Don’t worry, my skin is really thick. But do you know someone who could help with this? As you have guessed, I am unable to do so myself. I payed a freelancer to do this for me, but he simply took the money and ran off without doing the job! :frowning:

Thats bad! Hope you leave a bad rating somewhere.

What @pdvyas was referring was that you will need to install owncloud and ERPNext in parallel, docker is one tool that might help you do that.

ERPNext is just more than “files” and needs services (MariaDB, memcached, redis) to run too hence it can’t run “on” owncloud. Maybe they could be connected in someway. We have not done it yet.

Thanks, maybe that’s why the guy ran off.

On a different topic, is there a proper social forum in ERPNext? I tried the Demo but couldn’t find a proper forum - i.e. like this. Can you point me to the right place. Hope this question is not out of place too :smile:

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For the lack of forum we moved the mailing list here :smile: as it feels a little informal; breaking ice is easy.

We’re starting with a portal here too, Not Found.

Hi Kimsterix,
I request you to post your requirement on
Any service providers with given knowledge might help you in your given budget.

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