Install erpnext on plesk vps

Hi, I want to install ERPNEXT on my VPS with latest version of Plesk Onyx. I don’t undersand how to do. I know a little of servers. I know how to install apps like wordpress or prestashop, but now I admit you do not understand. Can you help me with (easy) steps to install this ?
Thank’s a lot have a happy new year :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not experience about PLESK but the most straight forward way to install ERPNext on a remote server would be to have access to a command line and then follow the Easy Install as descirbed here.

Generally it requires a little more then this to have a secure instance of ERPNext running though.

Are you saying that easy install isn’t that secure?

Well, it does nothing to particularly harden a server and I assume to run your most viable business information on a publicly available server on the internet requires more then what the script does.

I’m far from being a security expert, but I would not just run a web instance without taking furthers measures to harden and monitor that server. … That being said … I (with limited Lunx Sysadmin capabilities) would just not run my ERPNext instance on a self-hosted, but publicly available server on any cloud myself. I would either run it only on our internal network or with a hoster like

If you conduct a search about hardening or securing a Linux Server you’ll get an idea of what I am talking about

some examples (no particular recommendations, just random findings):

this said: I would not say it is the job of the Easy install Script to end up with a entirely secured Server ready to be opened to the internet. This is a more complex matter and also requires maintenance and monitoring I think. There are certainly others who could talk about this with more expertise.