Install ERPnext on Windows 7 using Virtual Box on local machine

Hi All,
i have downloaded the virtual image and trying to mount the image in the virtual machine.
After reaching the login page and providing the username : frappe and Passwd : frappe
I get a error saying that the bench wont be able to load as it is “READ ONLY”. Please help as i m stuck in days to resolve the issue.

Not sure I can help, but just to get the order of actions correct

  1. You downloaded Virtual box and installed it from here:
  2. You downloaded the erpnext from here: ERPNext Pricing 2022
  3. From inside Virtual box you did File > Import Apllicance
  4. The installation goes OK, then you click inside the virtual box on START
  5. You then get the black screen asking for the username and password and that is where the error is?
  6. Can you access the actual ERPNEXT system from local:8080?

Hi ,

Thanks for the reply. Really appreciate your help.yes after I enter the username and password. Somehow not able to boot the frappe bench and log onto the localhost:8080

Have you tried uninstalling the virtualbox from windows. Reboot and try again?

Inside of the “official” VBox machine ERPNEXT is being started automatically, so it should be running as soon as the machine is up.

I’d guess your problem might be network related. Can you post network settings of your Virtual Machine?

Also depending on your system VM and ERPNext may take up to 60 seconds to boot.
Have you tried:
User: Administrator
Pass: admin
As that is what is used by default in the vagrant demos.

I also have the same problem. I get 401 Unauthorized error.