Install ERPNext On Windows

Dear All

Any one has clear and correct steps to install ERPNext on Windows machine.
Please provide help. Will be of great value.

Thank you

Currently there is no way to install ERPNext on a Windows machine, but you can use a Virtual Box image : Get it from here: Download link, and set it up on a Windows machine

the caveat here i can see is if your network adapter is down.

lets say we are using in an environment where there is no internet or no modem wifi in the environment
then how will someone access it?

is there something like xampp/wamp which would work even in similar conditions with domain as localhost ?

It should work, try it once and share your feedback.

Of course! You can setup the Network settings for the VM so that it doesn’t require a network, you can access it via ‘localhost’ on your PC. In fact I believe the default settings allow you to do this.

@arghya.basu @vjFaLk thanks for your reponse

yeah i tried with Host only network and it worked


I already download and import to virtualbox now i don’t have username password login
Please help

The default login details should be:
username: frappe
password: frappe
mysql root password: frappe

you can find it here:

But doesn’t show interface

The virtualbox interface? Or the ERPNext interface?

Ubuntu interface i mean.

If you are using Win 8/10 pro version then you can active Hyper-v option from control panel, then you can make virtual machine of Linux and install erpnext.

thank you