Install ERPNext without bench

Hello everyone. is it possible to run frappe/ERPNext without frappe/bench? If yes, please let me know. Thanks all. (Sorry about my bad english)

In ERPNext installation process, i inspected ‘bech’ command like bench init, bench get-app, bench install-app and see ‘bench’ command include of commands like python, pip, yarn. So I hope it can be installed without bench. I don’t want to be depended on bench. I used ‘ps aux’ to inspect it.

Is your issue with bench(the application) or the folder “frappe-bench”?
It is possible in a manual installation to name the bench whatever you like:
bench init mybench --python python2.7 --verbose
My opinion is that you don’t want to use the default names for bench (“frappe-bench”) or the default site (“site1.local”) if you can avoid it, though this is not something beginners need to worry about.
As far as running ERPNext with bench (the application), it’s a little bit like saying, “I only want to run Microsoft Word for Windows. I don’t want to use Windows.” Not only do you want to embrace bench (because it’s powerful), you don’t really have a choice.


You can use benchless script to install ERPNext without bench.

See this thread for detailed steps.

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