Install extra python libraries, for example Pandas


I want to install extra python libraries, for example pandas. I need to use them for web views.

Any idea?

Add the required libraries in requirements file in your app.


You can use “any” python module on the server side. If you’re using Pandas or something else on the server side, that data still needs to be sent and rendered in JSON by the frappe client side JS. My personal experience has been that if you want to render custom stuff, that gets pretty hard pretty fast.

You mentioned that you wanted to cover HTML rendering at the New England Meetup in January… is this related?

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Yeah, mostly implementing Web Views with my custom code.

Add it to your apps’ requirements file. And then simply

bench setup requirements

Thanks a lot.

P.S. I installed pandas bit it does not show anything when I try to use them. Not even an error.

Does not show anything?

Never mind. Fixed it. Web view sometime does not throw errors. Don’t know why. I try my code with bench execute first then on web views.

@aldoblack would love to know what you’re attempting to do with pandas integrated with frappe. :smile: