Install Frappe App on ErpNext (Domain) to enable REST API

Hello all, I am a bit new to the whole ERPNext ecosystem and trying to figure things out. My goal is to pull some data (REST api) from one of my client’s existing erpnext instance hosted on Based on existing docs and topics on the forum I learned that I can do this by setting up a frappe app and installing it side by side with erpnext and use it to pull some data and expose via REST, is that correct? Or is there any cleaner and faster way of achieving it.

I tried creating a frappe app on a dev server but how do I work on the instance because as it is managed by erpnext I wont have underlying access.

Much guidance need, any help will be appreciated. If there is any sample app or guide available please point me to it.


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@Shoaib_Merchant is your client a paid subscriber?

Email us at support at erpnext dot com with the app details.