Install Frappe Press Docker Registry Credentials

Hello everyone!

I am following the instructions on this page and in the Docker section (Local Development Environment Setup) it mentions using the URL (DigitalOcean) to download credentials. The URL requires a login but it does not work with my Digital Ocean account.
Is this information proprietary?
Is there a way to set up press without the Docker registry credentials?

Thank you!

Atlernatives available

free tier is available for some of them. If you build private images you will need private registries which cost either a VM+Object storage or managed registry service.

host your own using

there are many more!

I’ve not installed press or agent so can’t help you further. The label Docker Registry URL from documentation suggests it can be anything that uses the registry api and uses credentials from Docker Registry Username and Docker Registry Password, Docker Registry Namespace is the name of the image.


Thank you!