Install Frappe v11 in 2022

Backgroung ( if you have time to read, otherwise just skipped ). Understand the Mar 2022, frapper master branch is v13. However, I wish to keep playing with v11. I have been running V11 since 2019, serving 2 small bussiness with 40 user and 34 users (different sites). Most users are paranoid with GUI Design, they have been working with v11 for almost 3 years and feel happy.

I have new used machine for little software development and hobbies. I decided to set up v11 on this machine and about 2 days I have stuck. All installation went well, frappe and erpnext, however I lost framework command in “frappe-bench”

After setting up all prequisites, mariadb, python and friends. Staring install :slight_smile:
bench init nameOfbench --frappe-branch version-11 --frappe-path GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript ( this --frappe-path command in my opinion is not neccessary, since the bench smart enought to choose as default url path ). Preformatted text

after cd ‘frappe-bench’ I can not see framework command after giving command bench --help. I get into nervous after surfing internet and no better clue. I tried so many suggestions in discuss forum and other sites. i.e
bench setup requirements
bench update --requirement
and so on, everything have no error but I lost framework command in ‘frappe bench’.

Finally I succeded to have v11 in the box after try end error, my succes is :
install master branch with famous command bench init xxx, the switch-to-branch v11.

My question ? is this only the way to install v11 on the time when master branch have arrived to v13 ( I believed development of this amazing frappe will continue and survive ) and will have another further version.

Many ( I thinks millions ) user very concern with UI, they confusing, grumbling, complaining when the UI drastically changed. It is the reason, I decided to stick with v11 and will make some modifications base on v11 at least for the next 3 years.

During install v11, I have to play with node managed by nvm, so easily switch from one node version to other. v11 some module only build with node v10 and today master branch required node v.14.

info : I build on Solus OS Budgie version and Gentoo.

cheers up

Helpful if familiar with docker. Docker images for v11 exists.

git clone
cd frappe_docker
cp env-local .env
sed -i 's/edge/version-11/g' .env
docker compose up -d


you’ll have to change following line:


      - ""
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Many Thanks @revant_one I will give a try with the docker image