Install HR after install Frappe / Erpnext on docker with

well, the title says it all.
Today I successfully installed Erpnext using
But I would also like to have Frappe Hrms with me.
What are the necessary steps to install the HR app?

My steps after the download
python3 --prod --email -s

Thank you a lot in advance …

Go to your frappe-bench directory with your selected frappe user.

then do

bench get-app hrms
bench --site sitename install-app hrms

if for some reason the get command does not work use the full git url

bench get-app hrms

After installing better do

bench migrate (if failing then add --skip-failing)
bench clear-cache

you should be good to go after that.

RTD: GitHub - frappe/hrms: Open Source HR and Payroll Software

If you’re using containers you’ll need to build your own custom image with hrms. Once image is built, you can use it with easy-install