Install NextERP on CloudLinux Python Selector

Hello community. I am very new to python, I have a server with DirectAdmin which runs on CloudLinux.
It has a Python selector in which the application is created from an interface and from there you have to run the Script … the truth is that I searched a lot and I could not find any information that matches what I am looking for.
I don’t know how to run the installation file or how to configure this interface. Has anyone had any experience?

Reference image

I don’t know about NextERP, this is ERPNext. The forum is about ERPNext.

ERPNext is free and open source ERP for many domains including Education.

ERPNext needs linux vm, linux server or a docker host to be installed on.

It doesn’t get installed with cpanel/directadmin or on shared hosting setup like you’ve shared.

for ERPNext setup:

If you want to begin cheap, get a lifetime free instance (if there is such thing) from GCP, AWS or Oracle, add 1 gb swap to it and install the basic docker setup ( Use v13.7.0 instead of edge images.

For native installation you’ll find many forum posts contributed by members every month. Try few of them. Post installation problems on forum. (4GB ram is required for native installation, so free vm won’t be sufficient)

Again this is ERPNext. Are you really looking for ERPNext?

If you are looking for the FOSS ERPNext change the title of the post.