Install on Synology NAS

Anyone to give the clear installation step for frappe framework on Synology V 6.

Frappe Framework installation on a NAS is quite unconventional. If you’re looking for an Add-on package for DSM 6.0, that installs the Frappe Framework, there isn’t one.

If I’m not understanding your question correctly, please elaborate on what you’re trying to do.

Its an interesting idea to install ERPNext on a local Synology NAS. A great way of still having internal office access to the ERP if the www goes down. Like it does the whole time around here. Grrr.
I don’t think anyone has looked into to doing this but it should be possible.
Interesting to note that both Odoo and OpenERP have installable DSM Add-Ons in the Synology market place. I don’t have a NAS to experiment on currently but will have a read up next week to see how difficult it is to make an add-on. Would your company have the resources to pay for a DS115 or DS216 chassis for me to develop a ERPNext Add-on? If so I would be interested in taking on this project.

I have just recently bought a small Synology NAS and have found it really good. The DiskStation software that comes with it is quite impressive and for us could probably replace Google Docs, Sheets, Photos and more.

Being able to run ERPnext on this box would be a nice way to promote it. For $500 or so the customer would get everything they need for a small office - LDAP server, Drive, Storage, Backup plus an ERP. If it could be installed like the other applications are installed it could be a great way to promote the application. And yes, OpenERP and odoo are available packages on Synology.

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Is there already a solution or app integration to setup ERPNext on a Synoloy. Planning to purchase the DS1019+.
Has anyone some experience?

Hello, you can try:

If your NAS supports VM you can use VMs.
If it doesn’t probably ERPnext is a bit heavy to run on it.

I’m using bitnami vm of ERPNext, currently running on DS920+ and DS720+ for three months, handling 20 users each, it’s doing good.


Hi did you consider the pro and cons between bitnami and docker version before installing?

Easy to implement is the most important for me and for start up business. Daily backup is enough for my business.

Do hope more features on accounting and e-commerce!

Does anybody have a tutorial how to install ERPnext on a sinology via docker or with using portainer?

I had at least some success. Using this guide i managed to set it up pretty quickly.
Documentation to github
This image is also in the synology registration so all you need to do is choose the newest release and you are set up. If you have your web station enabled disable it. Access the login screen through port 8000 or whatever you set up