Install site with one command

Hello i would like to install a new site using a single commend for entering db password and install erpnext in one line with becnh.

Is this posable? can some one help.

bench new-site --admin-password secretadminpassword --mariadb-root-password 123 --install-app erpnext

admin password is secretadminpassword and mariadb root password is 123

Bench CLI new-site --help
❯ bench new-site --help
Usage: bench  new-site [OPTIONS] SITE

  Create a new site

  --db-name TEXT                Database name
  --db-password TEXT            Database password
  --db-type [mariadb|postgres]  Optional "postgres" or "mariadb". Default is

  --db-host TEXT                Database Host
  --db-port INTEGER             Database Port
  --mariadb-root-username TEXT  Root username for MariaDB
  --mariadb-root-password TEXT  Root password for MariaDB
  --no-mariadb-socket           Set MariaDB host to % and use TCP/IP Socket
                                instead of using the UNIX Socket

  --admin-password TEXT         Administrator password for new site
  --verbose                     Verbose
  --force                       Force restore if site/database already exists
  --source_sql TEXT             Initiate database with a SQL file
  --install-app TEXT            Install app after installation
  --help                        Show this message and exit.