Install specific erpnext minor version


Our Customer is using ERPNext 12.16.2 and frappe 12.13.0. We don’t want to upgrade to the latest 12 version(e.g. 12.20.0) for other reasons.

Now when i try to setup a fresh install of ERP Server, i get version 12.20(which changes every month)

Is there any way to install specific Minor Version(12.16.2) using Easy Install?
Is there a way to downgrade from 12.20 to 12.16.2?


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Create new v12.13.0 bench:

bench init --frappe-branch v12.13.0 frappe-bench

install ERPNext with following command:

bench get-app erpnext --branch v12.16.2 

Check this for v10 How to manually install ERPNext v10.1.14 on Ubuntu 18.04

Another option is to use tagged version of docker images.


@revant_one. Thanks for the response.

I did a normal Easy Install and it automatically installed frappe 12.17.0 and erpnext 12.20.0

After that i gave the following commands

bench get-app frappe --branch v12.13.0
bench get-app erpnext --branch v12.16.2

It installed properly and now the version are downgraded.

Still, do i need to create a new bench ?

bench init --frappe-branch v12.13.0 frappe-bench

Not running this command, would have any side effects?


For fresh new bench with no sites should have no problem