Install ssl let's encrypt certificates in erpnext google click to deploy

Hi all. I am new using the erpnext click to deploy application on google cloud platafform. I want to install my domain and have a ssl certificate of let’s encrypt, but I am not a programmer, I ask you to be kind to give me the complete command lines to be able to install the certificate.

"I installed the erpnext click to deploy application on the google cloud platafform marketplace and I don’t know what the site that created the deployment by default is called.


You can find a lot of tutorial on the web.

Let’s see: Setting up TLS SSL certificates Let's Encrypt for ERPNext sites

I’m not programmer and i’m on google cloud like you, everything work like a charm.

The problem when installing the ssl with bench, it asks me for the name of the site and when I installed erpnext (click to deploy) in google cloud I don’t know how the site was autonomous.
Manual installation requires commands such as a command to install certbot in the opt / directory

If only I knew what my site is called

Typically you supply that, once you choose and register a domain name with a registrar. Then the registrar publishes that on DNS servers for public access.

The GCP platform may give you an obscure public url for say short term testing. But normally you must supply one that you own and link to your ssl certificate.

on SSH with root access:

su “userfrappe”
cd frappe-bench/sites

You can see:


And another one folder (your erpnext site name)

This may help Setting up a domain name