Install third party app

Hi at all,

can anyone explain how I can install a third party app in frappe?
I’ve tried to puth my app in /frappe-bench/apps/customapp
Then I added my “customapp” in apps.txt
Then install with “bench --site install-app customapp”
If I refresh then I will get an “Internal Server Error”.

How Can I find what error is caused or have I to install a third party app in another way?

Adding a third party app follows the same procedure as installing any standard frappe app.


  1. Get app using git clone <link_to_app> or bench get-app <link_to_app> if an external repo exists. It is suggested to use Github or any other git-based service (eg: GitLab) for SCM.
  2. Install app on site using: bench --site <site-name> install-app <app_name>
  3. Migrate using bench migrate

You don’t need to manually change apps.txt unless the app installation or cloning process had some problem and you’re getting an error when repeating the process likely because the app name is now in apps.txt

Did you migrate after installing the app or the system ran the migration script?

EDIT: also, any related error logs?

I only have an zip-file containing the app.
I will unzip this in /apps directory instead of “git clone” or “bench get-app”

But then if i will install, bench will say: “Could not find app …”

So I have to puth my app also in apps.txt?
Or should I create a repo in Github etc. to push my app and get my repo via “bench get-app”?

I forgot in my previous steps the “bench migrate” so this could be the cause of my Internal Server Error… I will test, if the previous steps are clear :slight_smile: