Install Untangle package on frappe bench

Hello Everyone,
I want to install python package untangle on frappe bench.This package is used to parse xml files/data.

When i use sudo pip install untangle, it gets installed in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages. However, Frappe-Bench uses the pip from ~/frappe-bench/env/bin .

I am completely new to Frappe world. Please help me installing untangle so that i can use it in my python code on frappe framework.

Hi @bishnu_bhatta
You simply need to activate the virtualenv at ~/frappe-bench/env/bin

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Thanks tundebabzy for your help. Could you please elaborate how to activate virtualenv at ~/frappe-bench/env/bin

Try suggestions from this thread: python - How to activate virtualenv in Linux? - Stack Overflow

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Hi All, I did the following

bishnu@bishnu-laptop:~/frappe-bench/env/bin$ . ./activate
(env) bishnu@bishnu-laptop:~/frappe-bench/env/bin$ pip install untangle
Collecting untangle
Installing collected packages: untangle
Successfully installed untangle-1.1.1

Thanks for your help.