Install/Update Erpnext v12

hi Team,
I am installing erpnext version 12 with ubantu 20.4 .I tried with commands but i got failed how i can clear all those effects from that IP so i can start again.
thanks in advance.

Already installed or you want to install from start to end…(step by step)?

@Vaibhav_Parmar sir i tried with commands but i failed i just able to install erpnext not frappe…
It will be greatfull if i know steps.
Thanks in advance

  1. you need frappe (frappe-bench directory)
  2. in frappe-bench directory you have to trigger this command (bench get-app --branch version-12 erpnext)
  3. after that you have to enter this command (bench update --reset)

This will help you or may be you can use this below link to install step by step.