Installating ERPNEXT on Win7

I am new to ERPNEXT, though I have gone through the Online Demo, I now want to have it installed on my Machine which is running windows 7 professional (x86) . I have downloaded Python, Virtual Box 5.1.6, & Wamp Server. Anyone to assist me on way forward.



in this time can not install erpnext on win 7,
but if you run and use virtual box on win7, and install Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 / CentOS 7+ / Debian 7 to 8 / MacOS X you can install erpnext.


or your can try @saurabh6790 advice.

Thanks for your reply what I have downloaded Oracle VM VirtualBox, WampServer, Github as well as python. So you mean to say I install Ubuntu?

You don’t need Wamp/Python/Github for windows. Just download the production image:

Open it in VirtualBox. The credentials of user account, mysql, and web interface are given in

If you are still not comfortable in setting this up, I recommend Cloud services provided by ERPNext.

Thanks Sagar_Vora, I am downloading the Production.ova. I have already installed Oracle VM Virtual Box. I guess after the download is over I will have to open it with the VirtualBox. I will revert whe my download is over in next few minutes.

Hi Sir,

I have downloaded the Production … please advice on way forward.

Use this instructions. Ensure minimum requirement 1 GB RAM.