Installation done, but where to log in?

Have installed succesfully, but localhost:8080 or even 8000 does not come on


If you installed it as production, default port is 80.
You can also set a different port with:

bench set-nginx-port <sitename> <port> 


bench setup nginx

sudo service nginx reload

I think , you are entering wrong site name (check your spelling of site name) when you run this command "frappe --use site name "

Please try again using following steps.
1.Open Terminal
2.Go to your folder which you have installed frappe steup.
For Example : cd Documents/folder name/frappe-bench/
3.Run following commands to start application
i. source ./env/bin/activate
ii. cd sites
iii. frappe --use site name ----- Site Name = Site name of your application
iv.frappe --serve --port 8000
4. Open Browser and Enter URL as

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Thanks a lot. Your instructions did help a lot. Don’t know why it mentioned that port 8000 was already in use. So I substituted 8080 instead and got the login screen. Wondering what is the login id now. Had copied the passwords during the installation, but what is the login id to be used, please?

Used Administrator as login. Sorry for inconveniencing you. Thanks a lot for your guidance

I am having to repeat typing your commands in a terminal every time the machine boots up. Is there a way to avoid doing so? Maybe some systemctl commands?

sudo bench setup production will set it for production (ie, configure supervisor and nginx)

I issued the above command, but it says

I think, it’s all setup and running at port 80.

Confirm with

sudo supervisorctl status
sudo service nginx status
curl -I localhost

How it works,

gunicorn (port 8000) → nginx (port 80, reverse proxy).

If you connect to gunicorn, it’ll give you 404 because correct host name is
not set.

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Thanx for the reply. Your first command yields nothing. Yet, if I give a command
sudo supervisorctl start, it yields this

Besides, sudo systemctl status nginx, shows that it is active (running).
Lastly, when I issue your 3rd command, I get this

Finally, a few messages, above, you may perceive some instructions by @Geetanjali Geetanjali, and when I used those, I got a message that port 80 is blocked. Is it being blocked by nginx? I am having to use port 8080 or 8081 or 8082.
With this information, can you please suggest what I may doing wrong?

I created a sym link for the frappe.conf file into /etc/supervisor as indicated in you custom installation page and now, I merely have to change to the frappe directory and issue " bench start" and it works port 8000. Can this be automated by supervisorctl? Can you guide me please?

This means that it’s setup for production. You don’t need to run any
commands. Just goto http://localhost from your browser and use erpnext.

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Thanks. You people are fantastic!