Installation help

i have since installed all the prerequisites listed on github for erp and ran the setup following a video tutorial on youtube but the installation after gettting the mariaDb part can anyone assist me with the setup process please or email me for a google hangout to assist at thanks to all that will assist in advance

Ref GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps

okay , thanks but what i was trying to say is that i am a new developer to this and using linux perhaps it would be best if you explain what i must do after : wget

because the other codes after that are not working they say error or something, i prefer non technical assistance thank you , as in explain the first line of code and how do i start localhost etc and what i need to type in to get the user interface from there i know what to do . please please help

Next step should be executing the downloaded file.

Select the option you want as you prefer. If you want to setup development environment you have to execute,

python --develop --user frappe

Then install ERPNext.

i ran the commands :python --develop --user frappe
: sudo python --production

and it retains the status shown in the screen shot, please advise if i did this right as when i browse my files i see all the frappe files, python files etc present.

i dont know if i did it wrong or right and whre to from here

i have the bench repo folder everything but still not understanding what to do next

Did the installation complete successfully? Do you see a frappe-bench folder in your home directory?

i don’t have frappe-bench folder in the home directory, just bench-repo and all other files so am assuming installation did not occur or was unsuccessful according to your response.

what is it that i did wrong or didn’t do that i have to do

Look in /home/frappe/frappe-bench

I just setup system today, I got help from great people and it work now. Please see link below. I hope it will help


i get this part of frappe-bench installation and still do not see happening , it retains results as in the screenshot

so these are all the files i have related to frappe-bench folder is not there

I install from clean google cloud system, below are my result.

myserver@testsystem:/$ pwd
myserver@testsystem:/$ cd home
myserver@testsystem:/home$ ls
frappe myserver ubuntu
myserver@testsystem:/home$ cd frappe/
myserver@testsystem:/home/frappe$ ls

please help with the steps to install from google cloud then since it may be easier or on a custom domain which ever option is more viable