Installation not in the default home folder on Centos

Hi there,
I have successfully installed the last version of ERPNext using the installation script on a Centos Server (CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810):

My user has the home folder in /var/www/erp, but the installation has been done in /home/erp

to install ERPNext I used these commands:


sudo python --production --site test.local --user erp --verbose

Everything fine except the place where installed everything.

I didn’t see any option in file in order to setup a different install folder.

It exists any option or any other way to install it in the proper location?
Could be enough to move the frappe-bench folder and .bench folder in the right home?

Further info:
my defaults are:

sudo useradd -D

using /var/www will result in nightmarish permissions problems. I recommend using the default $HOME location of /home/USER/

I found the solution there.

The ansible script is “hard linking” to the default home folder and doesn’t check if the system is set up differently.
In my case, having all the ansible script in .bench/playbooks folder, I modified and installed another bench to test.