Installation of ERPext

When i type password in vm during installation… on windows 10 …it wasn’t going through… it seems blank i am stuck there please help

If you are using the easy Install method with the ‘’ script, then it is a normal function for the linux host to NOT display the characters you are typing in for the password. This is a generic linux safety feature to prevent anyone looking over your shoulder at important passwords.

Just type it in and hit the enter key it will ask you to type it in a second time to verify you typed it in right the first time.

It will do the same thing for the mysql administrator password.


Yup. I learned the hardway after coming to Linux from Windows world.

Have you tried a reset of the password?

cd ~/frappe-bench
bench --site [yourSite] set-admin-password [yourNewPassword]

I am installing in windows 10 . When i type the password and hit enter it shows invalid login please login again…

Is this when you try to log into the command line of your virtual machine or when you try to log into the ERPNext application for the first time?


When i try to log in into command line of virtual machine. Using frappe as login id and password…
Login - frappe
Password- stays blank when i press enter after puting password it shows invalid login…
Shall i type password two times… i am stuck here