Installation of mobile app

Hi Team,
How to get the APK file to use the mobile application in frappe?

For example:
I am using the Raven application in my frappe bench.

Now I want to use the mobile application of Raven.

Hi @Prasanth_Kumar_J

Open this link in mobile browser

Hi @nilpatel42

Thanks for the reply

I feel it will give you the mobile view I guess.
Not the application

let me try

Yes you are correct

Raven and most Websites like Frappe HR don’t have applications, all have PWA (Progressive Web Apps) which is easy to maintain software and data

Then how to install the mobile version of the Raven

which browser are you using to open raven in mobile?


After opening a link, go to Three dots in Upper Right Corner and then click on Add to Home Screen

I suggest to use Microsoft Edge Browser for Perfect App View
In Edge, after opening url go to lower right corner - three lines, then swipe right, click on Add to Phone

that will create widget of the chrome with that specific URL.

I was expecting the app same as we have HRMS

Frappe HR don’t have any app

Check this documentation for reference

If you can see that install option which will make the app download in mobile.

That I am talking about

Which is not installation button for application, which is browser feature that when its detect PWA supported url. its suggest to Add Mobile View in phone like app, it’s only given install word, but its not installing app

read popup message

try Edge browser ones, its feels like app

Maybe what you said is correct but where can we find the steps for getting the same for Raven

I have the HRMS application which we are using it currently.

Are you using Raven?

Yes i using raven with edge browser

Raven mobile need some improvements to work like app

also you can find mobile view button here

can we connect sometime tomorrow?

sure @Prasanth_Kumar_J you can DM me

also you can find mobile view button here