Installation on Amazon EC2 and some suggestions

Hi there,
I searched among forum about Amazon instance running, but I couldn’t find all the answers that I’m trying to look for.


  • I would like to install and set up Erpnext for 2 companies with 3/4 users each company.
  • I never dealt with python nor frappe world, I have a basic knowledge of PHP but I have experience in Red Hat based distros (RH, Centos, Amazon Linux) and sysadmin + networking
  • I would let my company use ErpNext and interface it to Amazon MWS, JD, Lazada, Shopee, and Tmall (yes we are online sellers :slight_smile: )
  • I already got, that besides Amazon MWS, there is no “already backed” solution for other marketplaces, but we can use API to connect everything and it’s fine


  • In your experience, what class of EC2 instance do you suggest to use? I have no clear idea how many resources the software needs
  • Do you know if exists any examples of PHP interfacing with ErpNext? I just saw one on GitHub, but it looks bit outdated

I thanks in advance anyone can share a suggestion in order to let me start this journey in the best way possible :slight_smile:

  • You can have multiple companies in the same ERPNext instance. If these are totally different companies with no correlation whatsoever and you need a separate instance you should see multitenancy feature of Frappe if you haven’t already.

  • As far as the EC2 is concerned, it will really depend upon the number of transactions and number of concurrent users you have but for testing you can start very small (even t2.micro works decent) and then increase as and when required.

  • What kind of PHP interfacing with ERPNext are you looking for ?

Thanks for your answers, about PHP:

Rest API, we have switched on PHP 7 recently, also for our internal manufacturing ERP

Great. For all kinds of integration these docs here Introduction should be sufficient. Give it a try if you still have doubts feel free to post here.

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