Installation on VPS (Ubuntu) instructions

I am new to ERPNEXT, I have a online VPS with root access, I have ran the ERPNEXT on Virtual Machine but need some help with the installation for on the VPS … I would appreciate your replies.

what can we help you?

I would like to have a step by step description for installing erpnext on the Ubuntu server 14.04.01 please?


hi @Frila_Mrila

try this following command:
got to frappe-bench folder and use
1.bench start
2.if we check on current system localhost:8000(in browser),otherwise server_ip:8000.


Great thank you I will try that now

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i access your link and your success to install erpnext… great!!

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same topic:

Thank you very much Komsel

in internal vm: i use “bench setup nginx” to see my site port

if you use vps like digital ocean, its automatically run… your vps ipaddress:your_port_erpnext
what vps do you use? are you use docker?

Thank you Komsel,

I can see that the port is 80 and the ip on it’s own is showing a working site.

But I wish to add my domain so that when users can access the erpnext page from my domain and not the IP?

Could you advise how I can do that?

Thank you very much

hi @Frila_Mrila,
In nginx file change the server_name.
Add the domain name in “frappe-bench/conf/nginx.conf”
sudo service nginx reload


sagar is true. you can try that.
or alternatif, you can try this:
a. open your domain, add your dns record choice “Address Mapping (A)”, fill your ip vps.
b. if you use multitenant, you must create new-site and the site name same like your domain name. but if you dont use multitenant, you dont create new-site.

Thank you Sagar and komsel2228

I did the following:

  • I updated my nginx.conf and edited as you said:
    upstream frappe-bench-frappe {
    server fail_timeout=0;

upstream frappe-bench-socketio-server {
server fail_timeout=0;

setup maps

server blocks

server {
listen 80;
site1.local ;
root /home/frappe/frappe-bench/sites;
location /assets {
try_files $uri =404;

But when I run the command (sudo service nginx reload), i get the below failure:

root@fwrat:/home/frappe/frappe-bench# sudo service nginx reload

  • Reloading nginx configuration nginx [fail]

Not sure why…

Please check your domain not redirect(linked) to your ip.