Installation_problem @ ubuntu 22.04 ec2-t3a.medium instance

Web-UI not loading properly

installation process as stated in the documention. (Version --develop 14.X.X)
tried following codes after installation:
bench update --reset
bench build --force
bench migrate
bench clear-cache

you can check if you are on version 13, then the following may help
bench update --reset
bench setup requirements

Sorry, not mentioned earlier, its develop branch. But tried this too and all other found on this forum
like “export node_options=–max_old_space_size=8192”
Its installation is really just opposite to its theme.

Hi @Ulter52

This is most likely an issue related to user permissions on the frappe bench directory.

Here’s what you can try:

  1. Login to your frappe user (or su)
  2. Change permissions on the frappe user home directory by running;
    chmod -R o+rx /home/[frappe-user]
  3. Restart bench and nginx services

This should resolve your issue.

I am new in this forum. I have some questions about this forum. These questions shown below:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::

If anyone has information about this thread. please guide me below. I am very confused about that​:wink::wink:.

@shashank_shirke I am grateful to you and the forum for taking the time to help me, its really worked.
thank you.

Hi @Ulter52 great to know that it worked.
Don’t forget to mark the post as “Solution” so that it will be helpful to others on this forum.

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