i have tried easy install script to setup bench 8-10 times but still not succeed. then tried manual script which also did not worked for my system(ubuntu 20.04). kindly suggest me any other or the best solition fit my system. thank you.

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Check out this:


You might need to install git, if an error occurs while bench init

@ahmed4350 I think you should try Git. or frappe&erpenxt in one of them must work. And you need to follow step carefully.:slightly_smiling_face:

hi Armin. i am having problem executing step no. 10, ending up showing this"ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)" error.
Kindly suggest me best solution for same. Thank you.

Thank you @cindyforcia. I already tried your way but couldnot succeed. Kindly suggest me how to connect local MySQL server through socket? Thank you.