Installation question

I’m trying to install erpnext using doc How to Install ERPNext Version 14 in Ubuntu 22.04 - A step by Step Guide - Code with Karani

In the “Install all the apps on our site” section.

Before we install app, the bench start should be done or is it ok to install and start bench start?

Last time i had issues, doing bench start later so wanted confirm the right approach.

Thank you

Hi @Jithin_K_T,

Once your installation is completed with all the required apps, you can execute bench start. This is because while running the server, your apps will not be installed on your site. Therefore, once the installation is finished along with the apps, you can use bench start.

Hope this helps you out.

Thank you.

@VINOTH Thank you for the reply. Really appreciate your time.

I did like that last time but hrms did not reflect on dashboard. I had to redo again. While checking that issue i found below.

“While installing the apps the bench must be in running. Otherwise some doctypes are not installed properly. So try to remove that hrms app and install it again.”

So I’m confused.


  1. Installing Apps: Generally, it’s recommended to have the bench running while installing apps. This ensures that the installation process goes smoothly and all dependencies are properly resolved. However, some installations might not require bench to be running during app installation.
  2. Bench Start: Once all the required apps are installed, you can start the bench (bench start). This command starts the development server, allowing you to access ERPNext through a web browser.
  3. HRMS Issue: If HRMS didn’t reflect on the dashboard last time, it could be due to various reasons such as incomplete installation, configuration issues, or dependencies not met. Removing and reinstalling the HRMS app might solve the problem, but it’s also essential to ensure bench is running during the installation process.

Hope this helps you out.

Thank you.

Great ! Quite elaborated reply it was !
Let me try and see how ti goes.

Right here How to Install ERPNext Version 14 in Ubuntu 22.04 - A step by Step Guide - Code with Karani

After installing app (hrms) should we need to start bench start or can we do production setup as section " Setting ERPNext for Production"

Just to confirm.

@Jithin_K_T you can just do the bench start

@VINOTH That’s for development server setup i found.
If production we can use Setup production config

sudo bench setup production [frappe-user]

Setup NGINX to apply the changes

bench setup nginx

Restart Supervisor and Launch Production Mode

sudo supervisorctl restart all
sudo bench setup production [frappe-user]