Installed Shopping_cart in V4, then which page to visit products(add to cart)?

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You should add links in the top bar for products. Did you complete the setup wizard?


It says, page can’t be found.

which code path i can find this products page?


I am having the same issue. The products link does not work. Gives : “We are very sorry for this, but the page you are looking for is missing (this could be because of a typo in the address) or moved.”

I have done fresh install and have used this product many times in the past and able to get the shopping link working fine before.

there is no generic “products” page. All links map to Item Groups. Change your top bar via Website > Website Settings

I think there is a misunderstanding… The products link is there, but if you click it, you go to the page not found.


This may help. The debug from the bench console shows the following when I click products.

12:21:26 web.1 | - - [29/Nov/2014 12:21:26] “GET /products?_=1417281666947 HTTP/1.1” 404 -
12:21:26 web.1 | - - [29/Nov/2014 12:21:26] “GET /products HTTP/1.1” 404 -

Note the 404 errors on the products link.

Like I said there is no page called “products”

Open Your Item Group and check “Show In Website” where you want.

I would invite you to dig a little further into this. The vanilla install creates the link “Products”. This is not something we customized… the install put it there. If there is an issue, then as you put so many times on this forum “you should be able to duplicate it”. If you install the vanilla install from git you will see what I am talking about.

It is even on your own demo site… as is the error we are telling you about.

I am appreciative of this software, however I am somewhat disappointed that when a community goes to the trouble of reporting it, myself going as far as submitting a screenshot of your own demo site in order to highlight an issue with the release version of the software; I am met with a response that the issue doesn’t exist. I think I have clearly shown it does. I will consider this issue closed as apparently I have not appropriately conveyed this message.

I would like to bump this thread up. Having the same issue on a fresh install. Items have check with “Show In Website”.

Default shows exactly like the screenshot shown above.