Installing an app that was developed in V12 to v15

Will it be ok if my app was developed in ERPNext v.12 and sometime it will be installed in a different ERPNext intsance that is a version 15?

Hi @Rabie_Moses_Santill1,

Sometimes it may work, but there could be compatibility issues when installing an app developed in ERPNext version 12 onto a version 15 instance. For instance, if you export fields from the customization form using export fixture in v12, upon migrating to v15, some fields may not be available or could be located in different places. Moreover, version 15 introduces tab functionality, which could further complicate the compatibility of the v12 application. It’s advisable to update the app to align with version 15 to ensure seamless operation. Thorough testing across versions is crucial to pinpoint and resolve any compatibility hurdles before deployment.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

Ok thanks for this. I’ll try to do this.