Installing ERPNext/Frappe bench on raspberry pi running Ubuntu mate

Hello Guys,

As a recent ERPNext user, this is my first post so don’t hesitate to correct me if it’s the wrong place to talk about my issue.

I’m currently running Ubuntu mate (freshly installed) on a overclocked raspberry pi, and i’d LOVE to run ERPNext on it.
Now, I’m not very familiar with linux or frappe, but I’m quite good at seeking advices or help ^^. Here’s my situation:

  • The problem seems to be related with maria db. Following the instuctions on frappe’s github page, I first try to installed the software using :

sudo bash --setup-production

It gave me an error “E: Unable to locate package libmariadbclient-dev”

Since I hadn’t installed mariadb at this point, I went for a manual install of mariadb client+server. I confirm that mariadb -client, mariadb -client-core, mariadb-common, mariadb -server, mariadb-server-core are installed on the pi. I checked that with : dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall

However, even after installing maria, the problem is still here !

Looking at the forums, I couldn’t find any real solution to my issue… maybe you guys might help me out !

Cheers !

Following up : I realized that using a proper version of ubuntu might be a better solution. So i downloaded and installed version 14.04 and ran the process again. This time i went fine … almost. During the installation, I have the followin error:

Failed to fect http://ams2.[…]/trusty/InRelease Unable to find expected entre ‘main/binary-armhf/Packages’

This issue seems to be raspberry pi related … would anyone be willing to help me ?

@Vladvonvidden, Welcome to ERPNext community!
Its not just DB but there are several software dependencies that you may need to fulfill to make it work on Raspberry pi.
Checkout source code of installer shell file to find out more.

Hello yashodhan ! Thanks you for your answer !

Just to check if I’ve understood correctly, you mean opening the .sh file and … tweaking the code ? Or are their any instructions in there ?!

Thanks again !!

@Vladvonvidden, I believe you might need to find packages and install dependencies manually.
No modification will be necessary as present auto installer might not work out-of-box.

All right, thank you for the clarification … I guess I’ll have to dig deeper on the forums, cause this really is blurry to me :confused:

Do you think using github instructions :

Install pre-requisites like git and ansible
Shallow clones this bench repository under /usr/local/frappe/bench-repo
Runs the Ansible playbook ‘playbooks/develop/install.yml’, which:
MariaDB and its config
WKHTMLtoPDF with patched QT
Initializes a new Bench at ~/frappe/frappe-bench with frappe framework already installed under apps.
You will have to manually create a new site (bench new-site) and get apps that you need (bench get-app, bench install-app).

Will be a good starting point ?

See most of packages and dependencies used for building ERPNext have x64 architecture where as Raspberry Pi works on ARM architecture.
So you will need to manually find appropriate packages which are failing to build or install it manually.

If you have patience, then keep posting your outcome. I might be able to help you find some missing components, but nobody have ever tried installing ERPNext on Pi as of yet.

Note: If you are not sure, what does that mean then simply use Automated ERPNext installer on regular x64 hardware.

Thx for your answer ! Actually, I’d really like to understand how things work so I will keep trying !

The thing that could help me, I guess, would be the actual list of packages required for erpnext to run. Since you mentionned the .sh file, I’ll look into that to seek for information, and I’ll keep reading the forums.

ps: I know that might sounds a bit unconventionnal for a first approach, but I’d really like to have a deep understanding of the software, or at least a global view (I’m a casual programmer nothing more ^^) before implementing it for my company (well my boss’ company to be honest)

Following my previous, I identified one of the problems as linked to mariaDB: it seems that there isn’t a package for armhf for version 10. I successfully installed v5.5, but will it be compatible with erpnext ?

It’s weird because according to this topic, process should be straight-forward …

How far did you come with that?


Yes, I don’t see any reason, but you will have to generate your own config files for most of the softwares.
If you don’t find ready package old method is building yourself one.
there are tons of tutorials available on make install for various environments and softwares.

Now, as bench version 4.1.0 is released and available, you may also use Ansible to do most of heavy lifting and there is also plenty information available, its matter putting all things and testing it out.

@Vladvonvidden for ERPNext on Raspbian installation

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I know this is an old post, but in case someone need it, you can consider this:

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