Installing erpnext kubernetes with mariadb galera

I appreciate any guidance related to installing the erpnext with mariadb galera in kubernetes, and if we could recover data to the galera version from a standalone mariadb. as we are planning to switch to the galera version for some down time with the standalone version.

thanks in advance

in case of editing the value.yaml for the helm chart installation, is it possible to change mariadb to mariadb galera, or should it be installed before the erpnext and to be included as argument with the helm chart.

I’m hesitating to experiment in this because this is a production cluster.

I appreciate any documents or guidelines in this regards

yes, you need to install Mariadb galera separately first. it is easy to install galera using helm chart. it is difficult to manage galera after installation.

try a scenario where your galera node fails, try master node failure as well.

if you can recover from Mariadb galera cluster failure then you can use it in production.

if you can’t manage galera cluster in case of failure, then i don’t think you should use it in production.

Thanks for your replay,

it was an eye opening for me, as we have short experience in erpnext, and all your feedback are highly appreciated.

last option we have is the mariadb replication instead of the standalone.

from an expert view should we consider this option for our production or to stick with the standalone, we are considering the most stable environment for our production cluster.

thanks in advance, your replay was so helpful.

our replication option is to have one master RW, and three slave RO.