Installing ERPNEXT on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu instance

Here’s the output from the easy install

root@erp:~# sudo bash --setup-production
DEBUG Ubuntu trusty amd64 amd64
Adding debian mariadb repo
Installing packages for Ubuntu. This might take time…
Installing wkhtmltopdf
Adding frappe user line 298: hash: pip-2.7: not found line 300: hash: pip2.7: not found
Installing frappe-bench
Setting up first site

Frappe/ERPNext is installed successfully.
Frappe password: XXXX
MariaDB root password: XXXX
Administrator password: XXXX

The passwords are also stored at ~/frappe_passwords.txt
You can remove this file after making a note of the passwords.

Now, how to Access ERPNext…?? Can anyone help asap.

i tried with public DNS and Public IP… but no success… help me asap.


On aes you will have to create a security group as well to open up port 80. You have to do this from the aws console

i am new on ec2… can tell me step wise instruction, how to create a security group as well to open up port 80…

@pdvyas Thanks man… its done now i have my login screen… CHEERS (Y)

whats a default (admin) username and password… ???

Username is administrator and password must have been printed after install. Check /root/frappe_passwords.txt for a copy

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Is it possible to setup ERPNEXT 5 with RDS on EC2?

We haven’t tried it but you’ll need a mysql version that supports microsecond precision. So, if RDS has MySQL 5.6, you can use it.

I am facing same issue! in aws…on which security group i have to make changes

When you’re setting up your instance you need to make sure to create rules for http 80 and https 443 in order for your installation to be completed successfully. my ip address. Still I am unable to access my erpnext

Your installation was not completed. Check your logs. something probably went wrong during the installation.

I have used this article for installation.Can you contact me

can you share me complete guide for installation as i am beginner