Installing ERPNEXT on another site

Hi All ,

I installed ERPNEXT in another site but I could not see many modules in the new site , I even did bench update it gets completed successfully but still many of the modules there in site1.local could not be found ?
Even checked set desktop icons I could not find the apps there .

Please help

In the top if I choose for everyone tab , then I could see this

Global Settings: Users will only be able to choose checked icons . 

I have logged in as an admin , how do I do that ?

Even tried the things mentioned here but no change . If I select a user in the tab even administrator the desktop icons list comes down to around 10 but if I select for everyone I could see everything
please help

If you created a new site, you might need to change your default site. Try running :

bench use [new-site-name]

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Yes sir I did , I tried logged in as the admin , I tried every possible thing but it is not working . Please help

@vjFaLk . Sir cleared cache , I ran bench migrate , everything gets completed successfully but I am getting the icons . Please help

Can you access the modules via “Explore”?

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@vjFaLk Thanks for continued support sir . Yes I am able to do .Please help

Sir @vjFaLk

If I click on everyone I am getting all the modules listed as below

You can add icons to desktop like this:

I believe default icon behavior has been changed

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@vjFaLk Thanks for swift response sir , but I am not able to do that , Please help

@vjFaLk . Sir is there a problem with the v7 Beta ? Can I downgrade , will that fix my issue ?

Thanks in advance

You need to be inside a DocType to be able to add it to desktop.

@srinivasragav please don’t use the forum as a proxy for real-time support and expect users to answer your questions immediately.

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