Installing frappe and erpnext on debian 7

Hello Guys; any help please; I have a debian installation running inside virtualbox; I have tried installing erpnext the easy way and also by downloading the git zip file. I get the following errors as attached. Can anyone tell me what to do; if I try to get these prerequisites; they all fail with no install candidate and uninstallable errors; what could this mean?

@noetico The ERPNext install script is only for Ubuntu 14.04 (not 14.10) and Centos 7. I have no experience with Debian (Sorry) but you would probably have to modify to get it to work. Maybe try uninstalling the default MariaDB packages first. There are certain conditions where the preinstalled Maria DB stuffs up the install. Then install the other required packages before using the install script and try again. If you succeed with Debian please post your method here on the forum. As an alternative to Ubuntu I like CentOs. Good luck.