Installing Frappe Cloud Locally is it possible?

hello,. is that possible to install frappe cloud locally on my PC, i tried to follow this oficial guide but it is not that much clear, there is a part where it say, we need hosting company Local Development Environment Setup


You need Frappe press- GitHub - frappe/press: Managed Frappe Hosting

thanks but the instructions still not clear, when i go to local setup still there are many parts where it mention digital ocean or online hosting service account

also i cant find " Frappe Assets at" part, the documentation is not clear at all

Those instructions are for internal use. You can’t use frappe assets, you’ll need to rent servers directly from Hetzner/AWS/DO etc.

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Can anyone help me, I am trying to set up a press app and am stuck at the docker container registry, How to configure that, also required help with how to push registry manually

@Sagar_Bhogayata Shouldn’t be that difficult. Setup the docker registry on digital ocean. Also under digital ocean create the api key/secret. Under press settings, add the registry URL:, then at the Docker Registry Username and Password use the same api secret from Digitalocean.

Yeah it’s better to host docker registry on Digital Ocean. It would be more easy also it’s official recommendation from frappe team.