Installing multiple sites for deployment

I have an environment where i had an erpnext site which is edited. Now i need another ERPNext site. So i installed frappe into another user. both the installations are working when they are run alone. but wont work altogether.

I figured out my issue is with upstream app setting in nginx.conf, as both the sites are having the same upstream app name frappe. which cannot be duplicate.

Is there a way i can set a new app name in my supervisor.conf file which is called here.


No need to create new user and install new bench, multiple sites can be setup under one bench.

Checkout Multitenant Setup · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub


cd ~/frappe-bench/
bench new-site sitename # create new site
bench --site sitename install-app erpnext # install erpnext on new site

Sorry revant i was not able to close this thread. i found out the solution. we can create multiple frappe-benches under a single bench-repo. this solved my problem.